A blogging milestone..

Thursday, May 17, 2007

4 years and 2 blogs. This blog "reflections" started in April 2003 and on last count, I have authored 445 posts. The other one on Pregnancy started in October 2006 (there are a lot of backdated posts because I wanted them in the chronological order of occurrence as a reminiscence of my pregnancy) has 115 posts till date. The name of this blog has changed from "The Pregnancy Journal" to "Pregnancy and Parenting" to "Lil General Rules"

A lot of posts that appear on these blogs deem fit in either of them so it is just a momentary decision that I make as to which one of them they should go to. Like the one on Child Rearing : Are grad parents being exploited? is an ideal candidate for the Pregnancy blog or the one titled How to raise a child multilingual and Guilt and motherhood can be featured here too.

Readership has not increased substantially and that is not my idea either to promote my blog by leaving comments and linking to a zillion places. You might ask, whats the point in blogging then? Well, that's the only thing that takes my mind off other mundane things, so I indulge in it or waste my time :) and sometimes lose my sleep over it. I love the fact that a few of my friends have been reading what I write in this space the past 3 years and have come back often to tell me what they liked and what they did not. I don't resent their criticism but I do if it comes from unknown quarters that makes no sense, which is perhaps why I haven't been able to reinstate the comment section on this blog yet. I'm not here to make a few extra bucks or to network with other momma bloggers or reveal myself totally so as to attract undue attention.