Back in action : 4 months and living life king size

Thursday, May 10, 2007

If you've missed me and my stories on this space, then good. I'm back with more fun stories of how I've been entertaining the world and keeping everyone on my toes.

I'm a lot smarter now than when I was just 2 months old. Mommy cannot expect me to finish my bottle in 5 mins and carry on with her work. I know how to hold the bottle with my hands now when I want milk. I also know how to kick the bottle with my legs whenever she feeds carrot juice instead of milk. No tricks!

I had a lot of baby's day out days the past 2 months. And let's not get started on the pilgrimage. Granny and mom were all too eager to take me to one temple in every town.

I was happy to see the oldies in the family - great grannies and great grandpa. They seem healthier than my mom.

2 road trips, 1 train journey and 1 flight journey in a month is too much for this Lil General. I enjoyed the road trip of all - gazing at the car and outside. I hated the train journey and so did mom. Used to sleeping on a king size bed, the second a/c berth was too compact to hold me and mom. So I pushed her down...poor mom cuddled in one corner all through the night. Flight was fine. I don't get what the fuss was all about ...oh yea I was scared to death for a sec during that rough landing at Pune..

The heat is killing me. I would trade in anything in this world to see the fan running all day. My hairs stand up anytime I see someone approaching the switchboard. Stay away from it folks. The torture of the Electricity board guys is enough.

I can turn back and forth within seconds, sleep on my tummy for hours on stretch, sometimes through the night.

Mommy decided to put me on formula because I didn't behave myself - so I'm a Nan baby now. She is making me diet conscious by feeding me carrot juice. Let me grow and I will put her on Atkins' diet.

I enjoy the daily oil massage momma gives followed by the hot water bath.

I don't need no milk and no juice. I can grow big by sucking on my thumb all day. If my thumbs are not enough I borrow mommy's too. Sometimes when mom feeds the bottle I fool her by not sucking the bottle, instead by slipping my thumbs.

I'm home at Pune with The Seniol (my dad). The place is so different than what I've seen in my life. I miss my granny and Yuko - my dear friend. However, I've got new friends here - polu, buco kidoo, pilu, stualt's mom and buci.

The smile comes in all sizes and shapes - a special one for every person and every occasion. I love my voice and my screaming is enough to keep neighbors at bay.