REC, Trichy to NIT, Trichy

Saturday, January 21, 2006

August 2005, Vivek and I (from the Class of '99) went on a maiden trip to REC, Trichy. It took a lot of convincing on my part to ask Vivek to be a guest blogger and post this entry. For I could have never done justice to this entry. Over to the RECTian..

Trichy Central Bus Stand.

"REC Trichy nikkuma?" (read: will you stop at REC Trichy?). I asked the conductor, with a knapsack hanging over my shoulders, dressed in an attire befitting a RECTian. Purani jeans, fati chappal and well, 6 years of work experience :)
The same old dirty harry look, frown on his face and finally a statement "last la eru". (read:"Board in the end"). Well, what were you expecting!

But things have changed. The dinchuk dinchuk music is now complemented with the tall dark fat hero gyrating to an equally plump heroine. Now, was it my lucky day! I just felt transported to midnight 12 'o clock SUN TV. Rain rain don't go away. Come again tomorrow night ;)

Sure, you must be wondering 6 years out of college, making a trip AGAAAIN? Ok, before you all jump, I cleared all my exams long back :) Bigger and better things have happened. I went to get a DAMNED reco and transcripts (and the priceless look on my HOD's face). Yeah yeah my next leap to fame.

Tanjore Road. Take me Home. To the place I belong...
Crossing the "grass-y" patches of Thiruverumbur, training centre of BHEL (reminiscent of the Ice Cream), 1st year's escape route of TREC-STEP,
Association of Genius And Talented Engineers, standing magnificently in the distance reminding me of the golden years, alas! which have passed by...and lo! there stood the "chathurmukhi" ..ClockTower..

The tolling of the iron bells
Calls the faithful to their knees
To hear the softly spoken magic( yeah sure) spells of the great RECTian illuminati (read: my profs)

An event has passed, I have managed a "ceremonious" exit from the already hurrying bus and the conductor and well, THE TIME HAS COME to enter the MAGICAL KINGDOM.

What have they done Maggie(in this case my wife Lakshmi) what have they done
What have they done to RECT
Should I shout should I scream

A Kingdom has been lost. Once where stood the mighty REC, with all its ruggedness, non-chalance and a no-care attitude, now stands a spic and span NIT - smooth, polished and almost feminine.

I stood there glued with half a mind to cross the road, grab a quick tea from Sam Fox (boys, she is still out there getting her young, but more nubile and enchanting) and waive down a passing 128 to get out and get away. I AM STONED IMMACULATE !!!

With lead for my feet, a lump in my throat I chose to take the steps that open up to the infamous A23 Exam Hall. Oh come on! We all have been there. But I am sure you couldn't have even dreamt of this ..."CELL PHONES ARE NOT ALLOWED IN THIS EXAM HALL".

People are crazy and times are strange
I'm locked in tight, I'm out of range
I used to care but - things have changed.

Almost like a man on fire, I finished the paper work that would get me the coveted transcripts. Now, started the journey to my bete noir - a walk to the Instrumentation and Control Engineering Department. To lay my hands on the piece of paper, for which men and women have toiled and burnt the midnight oil studying - the recommendation letter.

Spent 4 years getting out of this place and his gaze, 6 years later back to where it all started. He was a genius who said, "beta, life is a full circle". Wish, this wise man existed jab main chota bachcha tha, badi shararat kartha tha...

Time to meet the man himself, KK AK(nothing short than the head of KKK for me), who always encouraged me to "stop wasting my dad's money". And here I stood all humbled to ask him to sign my recommendation letter. With a soft knock on his door, I entered where the angels fear to tread. The look on his face, admitting recognition, but his grey cells forcing "Do I know you?".

The ensuing conversation ----

"Sir, Vivek Nath. Roll No. IC...38. Batch of '99".
(Man O Man. It was a KODAK moment.)

The first words .."Have you still not cleared REC?"
Sure..learnt one thing today..."Old fame dies hard".

"Sirrr, I have cleared it all and I am here for something else."

His next words, "Are you gainfully employed?"

Coming from the world of CTCs, Incentives and Performance Bonuses, it sure was a shocker when he asked "What is your scale?"

Trying to make sense of the question, it took a few seconds to process what he meant. Seeing the puzzled look on my face, he muttered hesitantly, "How much do you earn?"

"Sir, enough to sustain myself." (though I felt like saing I've stopped wasting my dad's money. I waste my own)


Not to break your hearts..REC still exists.

This was more than a mere name change from REC to NIT. On a closing note,

The sun is the same in a relative way, but you're older
Shorter of breath and one day closer to death

The time is gone
The song is over
Thought I'd something more to say