I'm 2 months old, says Lil General

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Pranav. 60 Days old. 5.1 Kgs. 57 Cms. Wheatish Brown. Brown Eyes. 12 hours of sleep. On Diet. Clean habits : Wet my bed only 10 times a day. Single and ready to make friends.

Alrighty folks, if you liked my first edition, I'm here with how my second month passed by.

Its official. My name is Pranav. So, please stop calling me by weird sounding names - Kunju (mom), Juniol(pa), Thambudu(grandma), munnu(grandpa), ulli (grandpa)....

I've lost all the excess hair on my arms from birth and don't like Brother Bear anymore.

I've made 3 new friends - Mbiki, the bear, Bunny Rabbit and Winnie. Yuko, my dear friend still hangs out with me on late Friday night parties.

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Pa was here for my second month birthday and it was fun playing Undertaker with him.

Stopped painting my mommmy's dresses yellow, still wet the bed though. Who said wetting is not gentlemanly?

I've acquired a good sense of fashion and this month was good for my wardrobe. One new dress everyday makes me a happy kid. I've styled my hair like a porcupine.

My fuzzy vision is gone. I can see beyond 12 inches and flash that 1000 Watt smile every time I see mommy and the orange curtain.

People said I'm too fast when I turned on my tummy on 22nd Dec - when I was just a month and 4 days old. I say I'm just too bored of lying around.

Spend more than 20 seconds with my mom and she will treat you to a lengthy discourse on how many hours I slept, how many she slept. She maintains a log to the minute of my sleep, counts my susoos, analyses the color of my poop and the number of times I fart. I'm telling ya she has gone nuts. She better get back to work soon.

Oh! I forgot to tell you about my favorite friend - Doc uncle. I visit him once every 3 days for indigestion, cold ,cough. Its been rough and the vaccine pained like hell. but Doc is very nice to me. I have all the syrups from the local pharmacy in my room now. Some syrups taste sweet, some bitter, some hot...but all much better than mommy's milk.

I sleep best on my pa's shoulders. I give a tough time to mummy and keep her guessing why I'm crying. Now I cry differently for my different needs..

  1. I'm hungry. I need to be fed.

  2. Putting me down after every feed irritates me. Regurgitating after the feed makes me comfortable.

  3. I've done it. I'm lying in a wet bed. Change my nappy. Make it quick.

  4. Dodos..I need some air. I'm either too warm or too cold. Touch my neck or tummy and decide which one it is.

  5. I can't sleep by myself. Hold me and sing me lullabies.

  6. Stomach ache. Mommy ..what did you eat. My tummy is aching.

  7. Hiccup is bothering me. Will you do something about it?

  8. I need to urinate but its paining. I'm straining...

  9. I'm sick..running nose, fever and an irritating throat etc..

  10. I'm colic.

  11. No good reason. I'm bored and need some entertainment.