The Cognizant (CTS) matrimonial bureau

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

If you are employed with Cognizant, then check with your HR. They just started a internal site to register yourself for finding prospective life partners (within the company). Alright, I'm kidding and that was rude of me to say such a thing. But the reality is that out of every 10 alliances I have received for P, 3 are working in CTS. And I'm not exaggerating. That's a whopping 33%. For some reason, eligible bachelorettes working in Cognizant/Wipro/Infosys take pride in saying where they work at in their matrimonial bio-data or the online matrimonial sites they register at. Has working in CTS become a passport to finding a suitable groom and settled life? I'm surprised that they even flaunt their well-crafted photogenic pictures on websites and state where they work at...maybe times have changed!

In many instances, the bride's brother works at CTS. So if you do the math, it will save a lot of parent-person-hours spent in registering various matrimonial sites to finally end up getting married to another person working in the same organization sitting in another office or some cubes away..what if they just had an internal matrimonial it a social responsibility initiative :)