Curves: From concave to convex

Thursday, August 24, 2006

I am not talking Physics here - so it is definitely not about lenses or mirrors. This is how the shape of a woman's body transforms over months as she progresses through her pregnancy. I'm not boasting of a flawless one before this but the change now is so apparent that stares from colleagues/passersby at work makes me conscious of the bump suddenly. More and more clothes are finding their way to the after-January wardrobe. What fit last week won't anymore. Last Friday was fun when I tried confidently jeans after jeans while getting ready for work and finally settled for some old loose clothes. How can I forrget the smile on Vivek's face as he watched me upto my antics? Well, on the brighter side I get to buy new ones.

I'm still weeks away from being "heavily"? pregnant(yet to find out what it means as the baby-center newsletter keeps referring to this). The baby center newsletter is just about the only literature we have been reading occasionally on pregnancy. And I must say the casual attitude has helped us not to get stressed and ignorance to an extent seems bliss. Friends who have gone through this say they used to flood their Docs with calls asking "the book says this should have happened by week xyz. but hasn't, is it a cause for worry?" Our Doc fortunately is as casual as we are. On a recent visit, I complained of breathlessness and she calmly responded what's the problem? Take a long deep breath 4-5 times." you get the picture :)

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