My new toy - The Nokia 770

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Vivek got me a new Nokia 770 Internet Tablet through Pravin. Pravin had got his 770 to Trichy while I was there for my delivery. So very convenient that we decided to get one too. N800 would have definitely been better but the 770 serves its purpose for now and it's price has come down drastically.

I am confined to the bedroom for a good part of the day because of LG's crawling adventures that result in minor accidents. Staying in the bedroom makes it easier to keep an eye on him while I go about doing my stuff. With the laptop's power woes increasing, it was becoming difficult to stay connected. Nokia 770 seemed to be the perfect solution for me to keep track of the stock prices. The idea was not to blog or mail extensively using this.

The interface is not too small to cause too much strain while reading. Writing is a pain though. Input through handwriting doesn't work great. GTalk is inbuilt and it is very handy to talk to someone while on the move. Light to carry around where you go around the house. With a wireless router, you can stay connected always - anyplace, anytime. What I don't like about it though is the keying in part - maybe a bluetooth keyboard would work well. And many sites suck on this such as the blogger and icicidirect partly defeating my purpose of buying this. Maemoblog does not support the new blogger API which is a shame.