Feedback : Asian Paints' Home Solutions

Thursday, October 04, 2007

If you are planning to get your home painted through Asian Paints' Home Solutions, then think again. I was carried away by their impressive advertising in newspapers just as you might have been. All it took was images of houses painted with bright colors and a toll free number to call them when we decided to get our apartment in Bangalore before renting out again. I called them which was promptly answered by a lady who asked for details such as the location, area of the house, surface (outer/inner walls) to be painted and other standard questions that I provided. She promised that someone would call up within 48 hours to fix an appointment to inspect the site and get further details. She was insistent on getting all our contact numbers - residence and two mobile numbers. No call came even after a week. So, when V called up again, she confirmed all our details was resting in their database and had no proper explanation as to why no one got back. This time we were assured of a positive response. It's been a month since the incident. After such a irresponsible way of conducting business we decided not to go ahead with Asian Paint's. Further inquiry also revealed that they do a bad job of completing the work undertaken. The quote agreed upon is never the final one and I believe client's are harassed to pay more or stay with a job half done! So much for the brand name..