Cat on the mat got hit

Monday, July 16, 2007

Every monsoon sees a spurt in the population of cats and dogs. As a consequence, you can hear the mother cat crying and haunting the neighborhood in search of its lost newborn ..this happens year after year. Last week, one rainy day, as Vivek opened the front door to pick up our packets of milk, he noticed something crawling from the mat over his leg finding its way upstairs. It was a small white cat finding shelter from the downpour and some place to keep itself warm. He let it in the veranda but blocked it from entering the house. He was all excited and I went over to see the cat. Small, pristine white, piercing eyes that can scare anyone.

I am not too fond of pets - be it dogs or cats. But Vivek loves dogs and after all these years it has slightly rubbed off on me and I love seeing this trio from the neighborhood go for a walk every morning. Many people around where we live have nice breed of dogs. Some day when we think Lil General is alone and needs company, maybe we will get a dog!

I was scared to let the cat inside the house because of LG but let him stay in our premises. I don't know when he ran away..I keep track of him until late that morning and spotted him in the neighbor's car park keeping himself warm under a car. He seemed happy..I don't know if his mother was still alive and looking for him. I forgot all about it later.

The next evening when the rain god had taken a break for a nap, I went out for my evening walk with a friend. She suddenly spotted a dead cat on the side and cautioned me. It was run over by a passing by was a sad sight and I felt bad ...