At 7 months, LG is a crawling machine

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Not much has changed, except that he has grown bigger, stronger and old enough to slap us. I had no clue that you get so much strength on a formula-baby cereal diet, that I'm seriously contemplating giving up my three time meals to switch over to Nestum/NAN.

Lil General got a new buddy - Snoopy - a white Fisher Price dog. I wish Snoopy was a real dog. Poor thing, he gets kicked and beaten everyday by LG and still keeps making bow-bow sounds.

Vivek and I have become the full-time clowns for LG making bow-bow and quack-quack sounds as he giggles and drools.

The biggest milestone of all - crawling, happened this month.

He continues to fall off the bed for fun only that I catch him on my lap now. Sometimes he thinks he can fly and reach for the objects he eyes like TV from the bed.

You know what, I get this feeling he doesn't like our laptop much for we spend way too much time on it. One day, Vivek was composing a mail and he got this eerie feeling to see the words disappear slowly from the screen, only to realise the ghost was right there at home hitting on the Del key. Don't be too surprised if this is the last post you see on LG for I'm not sure if the laptop will be hale and healthy by next month.

He is a crawling machine now, wants to climb on top of 2 pillows in the middle of the night.

Battles are fought everyday between V and LG. It is LG who usually wins.. V has to be happy with some war wounds on almost every part of his body right from the nose to arms. LG's secret weapons are his teeth.

Talking about teeth, after the first bottom pearls of white, it is now the turn of the top 4 incisors.

LG also got a pram this month and he isn't too happy going for his evening rides on it. Mom's shoulders are comfy, its just that mom thinks he is heavy for her to carry him all the time.

We have a home-grown Tansen who is content listening to Mozart every morning in a thinker-pose - with the fingers on his chin.

LG says ---

Diapers - oh I HATE them. So what if momma wears it..I know how to turn away from her and furtively remove the straps and then smile sheepishly.

I smile more at strangers than at mom.

I love getting up at 4:30 a.m. everyday, playing for a while and then going back to sleep, only after ensuring my parents have lost their sleep and are wide awake.

And I give that dirty look when mom gets funny trying to read me Cinderella / Goldilocks fairy tales.

My favorite afty activity is to put my fingers inside mom's nostrils while she is asleep. How much fun can that be?