The party is over

Monday, July 10, 2006

Cans of beer was the only thing missing last night. (I don’t drink before you start getting ideas!) Week after week, V and I have watched almost all the FIFA World Cup 2006 matches. Even the late night matches, after I’ve gone to sleep I would wake up around 2:00 a.m. and wander around in the drawing room like a zombie looking for the TV remote to see who won! Now that it is over, evenings from today are never going to be the same. There is an empty feeling in the head and all the programs on TV don’t seem worth spending time. Last evening was special, it was the Wimbledon finals and the clash of the titans – France vs Italy.

I didn’t get myself to stay up for the whole game last night and crashed out after the first half. V was barely awake until 15 mins into extra time. We were in for a rude shock waking up this morning to the “headbutt” replay of Zidane. I stared at the screen in utter disbelief what Zidane had done…and to see clips of Italy lift the World Cup. I don’t know if Zidane’s exit cost France the World Cup..but it definitely demotivated them. Not a staunch supporter of France, but wanted them to win because of Zidane, this being his last game!

Most of my predictions turned sour with Argentina losing followed by Brazil. The over confident and the arrogant lost. Memories of Rooney being sent home flashed back as Zidane was shown the red card. What a shame for a final to end this way. No doubt, Italy have proved themselves to be #1, but a penalty shootout win in a final is something hard to digest. The party is over and the memories remain.