Mom’s visit: A blessing

Monday, July 24, 2006

Any amount of "thank you (s)"? and words will not do justice to the amount of gratitude I have for mom/dad now. All the restlessness and frustration of the past few months seem to have vanished into thin air now. Moms no doubt are a true embodiment of patience, sacrifice and selflessness when it comes to their kids. Any physical ailment of hers has little or no significance when it comes to taking care of me now. She works herself tirelessly packing my lunch at 6:30 a.m. to making hot dinner before I get home that I say to myself what a selfish brat am I who craves for food incessantly. Sanity is just returning but craving for good food still stays at priority #1. She tolerates my tantrums through the day instead of spanking. I had a great time talking non-stop with her after all these years for the past 2 weeks. Am so sad she is going to leave in another 4 days. But I'?m also so looking forward to October when I get to spend another 4 months with her at Trichy! Moms are the best!

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