2006 - Formula 1 countdown

Friday, March 10, 2006

The 2006 Formula 1 season begins in Bahrain tomorrow. For the past few years, Australia was the privileged one to start the season. And it used to be the first week of April at Bahrain.

I can't tell you in so many words how bad I'm feeling to be not able to make it to Formula 1 this year. All because of my oversight and poor planning. Never realized it was already March and too little a time to let Dad get us Visa. So I've been pleading with him to fill in for us today at the qualifiers and tomorrow. He gets free tickets through ALBA. According to him, not many people are into Formula 1 in Bahrain, so the spectators are usually Europeans! If dad did go, I will post a few pictures!

The countdown is on and I can't wait. Precisely, 1 day,10hrs and 25 mins for the race to start. A lot of changes in the teams and their drivers this year. New teams, old drivers in new teams, new drivers in old teams. 11 teams in all with the addition of Super Aguri.

BMW-williams - Williams
BAR Honda - Honda
Sauber - BMW Sauber
Minardi - Toro Rosso

It would be interesting to watch Barichello drive for Honda. India's Narain K is no longer a driver for Midland (earlier Jordan). Anyways, our loyalty to Michael Schumacher hasn't shifted. Go Schumi! We would love to see you and Ferrari get back the championship title this year.