My second article gets published

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Two articles getting published in a month has given me such a high that I can't compare this feeling with anything else in recent times. This time it got published in The Hindu's opportunities and there is a link online too, unlike the earlier one. The article titled Five tips to manage notice period woes was published last Wednesday but I hadn't bothered to check it then and saw it by chance yesterday...It has been up there for a week. I saw the first link on Hindu jobs and thought to myself, this kinda sounds familiar and before I could reach to the end of the article to see the author's name, my net connection died, which is nothing new. So I hastily called up V who was in the midst of a conf call to check it for me. What I didn't realize was it is a jobs site and he was at work. Anyways he confirmed it was mine.

I spend a fortune on phone calls calling dad at work, mom at home, father-in-law at work to tell them about my article being published, when I don't get paid a penny. Never mind, maybe someday I will.

Oh btw, if you are at work, you wouldn't want to open the link.